Roc Balovento

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Fiche créée par Julie Bordeleau-Cantin

Lieu / Location

Un des premiers hôtels quand on arrive de l’aéroport / One of the first hotel when arriving from the airport.

Près du pont d’entrée sur la péninsule donc à l’opposé complètement de la zone du Mélia Varadero Marina / Near the entrance bridge on the peninsula so completely opposite to the Melia Varadero Marina area

1km du centre-ville / 1km from down town

Étoiles / Stars : 3½
Nombre de chambres / Rooms

284 – 6 bâtiments / 6 buildings

Année de construction et dernières réservations / Building date and last renovations

Construction : 1992 (source : Trip Central)

Rénovations : 2017 – nouvelle piscine avec spa + chambres / new pool with spa and rooms (Sandra Charlebois)

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Compléments d’information / Additional information

Adultes seulement / Adults only (Depuis automne 2017 / Since fall 2017) – 16 ans et plus / 16 and more

Directement sur la plage / Directly on the beach

3 piscines / 3 pools (2 piscines + 1 barbotteuse / two pools and a little one for children)

4 restaurants (buffet + El cactus ( mexicain) Fusion ( international) Sushi bar ( Japonais )

4 bars

Qui de notre page a séjourné dans cet hôtel / Who from our page went to this hôtel

Amine Amr (expert Varadero – ville hôtels et restos pour Google Maps)

Loulou Lorain (de très nombreux séjours)

Sandra Charlebois

Nathalie Carré

Nancy Moreau

Micheline Gosselin

Susan Maclean

Kathleen Canuel

Yvette Thibault Blanchette

France Fournier

Nickie Malticia

Maria Faria Fernandes (novembre 2017)

Cory Drake et Coralee Drake-Patton (novembre 2017)

Jocelyn Sandstrom (décembre 2017)

Yvon Vigneault (2017 et 2018)

Valérie RItcher (décembre 2017)

Véronique Nantel (mars 2018)

Commentaires des gens de notre page / Comments from people from our page

Amine : Meilleur rapport qualité-prix / Best quality-price found!

Maria Faria Fernandes (No.7th to Nov.14th)


Great location, walking distance to the Artisan Market and about 25 minutes from the airport.

Buffet offered a variety of foods and very good too! The food was very tasty and the buffet for every meal included more than we could possibly eat. I was really impressed as I’ve been to a 4* resort in Cuba and I found my stay here just as comfortable for a 3 1/2 * hotel?

All of the employees were extremely pleasant. The bartenders, maids, waitress at the buffet always ready to serve with a smile.

Mr.Geikel the director general is always on site during the day and is also very attentive to any concerns you may have.

One of the best managed Hotel resort in Varadero. The Director Mr Klaus is on top of everything, resulting in a very well kept and organised resort.

There were no issues with beach chairs nor with changing our towels.

Beautiful beach! Awesome beach bar with friendly bartenders that do a great job with a smile?

Three beautiful pools which are very well taken cared of..they sparkle

The room was clean and comfortable No coffee machine in the room but coffee being served in the lobby . Safe yes but $2cuc per day. Fridge in room.

If something is not right in your room such as the water pressure or a/c let them know and they will gladly do all they can to help and fix the problem.

In conclusion, we had a wonderful relaxing vacation and yes we would return. Just keep in mind it’s a 3-1/2 but a very good one!

Cory Drake and Coralee Drake-Patton (novembre 2017)

It is a nice resort…..but we would prefer something smaller and not as many people+closer to town! We loved Los delphine and want to go back,also would love to try starfish quatro Palma but always booked…..roc barlavento is definitely adults only lol…..but just a little too far for walking up the strip…..but besides that…..nothing wrong with the place at all (Even doing renos around guests) just would like to know how they fill our water bottles when they go behind the bar…..all in all…..i will give it a 8.5 out of 10 ? If you like to stay at your resort most of the time……then barlavento is the place!!!

Yvon Vigeault (2017 et février 2018)

Le Roc est un hôtel paisible, avec une animation agréable, la nourriture est bonne et 9n trouve a son goût, la plage est magnifique. Le staff est très sympathique et il vous nomme par votre nom si vous participer un peu au activité. Ma première fois en février!

Échanges du 4 janvier – chambres

Andrée Dionne Est-ce que quelqu’un peut me dire dans quel coin est situé la partie rénovée du Roc Barlovento? Les chambres Roc+ est-ce dans une section en particulier et où? Si je prends une chambre standard sans prendre Roc+, est-ce que je peux avoir une chambre rénovée quand même? Merci de votre aide!

Hope Ludlow Aldridge I stayed there in March 2017, and I couldn’t figure out which rooms were renovated, there wasn’t much difference that I could see. I really liked the Resort, in all aspects, including it being adults only, and in town. I will be definitely going back (unless with family)


Sandra Charlebois Les chambres rénovés sont melanger car il y en a toujours un peu plus mais reste a voir sur place pour prendre le roc plus car sans ca je ne crois pas qu’il vous laissent ce type de chmbre

Maria Faria Fernandes Sorry I just saw this I stayed in room 279 and loved it . There’s 215, 216, 217 and 300’s are nice too

Véronique Nantel (mars 2018)

Buffet est très bon 3 resto à la carte et Pas de toilette direct sur la plage mais à qql pas seulement

Hope Ludlow Aldridge (mars 2018)

1 avril, à 12:46

ROC Barlovento Just back from a wonderful week there and have a few photos to share, for those who have not been, and might be wondering. I was there for a week last year as well, and have been very pleased with the peacefulness of the Resort, the cleanliness, and the friendly helpful staff. I am vegetarian, and even I had no problem with food (except some lacks in labeling bc fish allergy, but I have no problems asking and always find someone who helps). For fish and meat eaters, lots of cooked dishes, stews and always fresh to be cooked to your order at inside grill, or outdoor grill near Beach Restaurant. There are 3 Pools on this Resort, 2 you can see in 1st pic, and the newest one on the way to the beach which is very quiet. Barlovento is not for you,if you are looking for a Party Resort – but Parties are easily accessible 30 min. walk or short bus ride – at Calle 62, Beatles Bar, or Casa de la Musica, Calle 42 If you decide to walk home tho, take the road, not the Beach for walking takes much longer through sand, and you don’t know where you are and may have to nap on the beach until morning

Photo du restaurant buffet gracieuseté de Amine Amr :

Le buffet barlovento fromage au gout du lait de cuba attention un peu fort

Photos du restaurant à la carte Mexicain gracieuseté de Amine Amr :

Photos de Maria Faria Fernandes (novembre 2017)

Photos transmise par Sandra Charlebois – tirées du site de l’hôtel en janvier 2018

Sandra confirme que ces photos reflètent la réalité : « Ce sont les chambres renovées et je confirme. »

Photos de Véronique Nantel (mars 2018)

Bar de la plage reconstruit après Irma

Photos de Hope Ludlow Aldridge (mars 2018)

The newest one on the way to the beach which is very quiet

Basic rooms, this one not recently renovated but overlooking the Garden & tennis courts, which I wanted

Beautiful beach, of course and best bartender ever at the Beach Bar